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Catching Rainbows…

I spend so much time with my camera focused on other families, other children, other crooked smiles and other people's family bonds.  Don't get me wrong, I have several terabytes filled with shots of my family.  They're just all taken with an iPhone.  So, every once in a while we need to be reminded that those closest to us need to have "the good camera"

Two year old on the move…

Oh Molly how I love you!  But oh sweet Molly, how you made me work for this one!  I have been photographing Molly since she was just days old.  Sweet little Molly who always smiled when I took out my camera and oh yeah, sat still.  Then she turned two and went on the run.  Molly is moving and she is fast.  Getting her to


This sweet little guy kept me on my toes.  For a little man he sure could eat! Sleep for 5 minutes, eat, pass out and repeat.  When he was awake he was as calm as could be.  So happy to be held and snuggled.  Something that I of course was more than happy to oblige.   One thing is for sure, William is a champion

Krissy & Dan ~South Port, CT~

I love this couple.  Love.   I love the way Dan was so protective and gentle with Krissy.  I love the way Krissy looks at Dan like he is the only man on the planet.  I love how they talk about their child with such excitement and happiness. Oh and I adore Dan's sister Kelly who facilitated this shoot and was an awesome second shooter!  Dan

Flower Child

Little Miss Zoey and her beautiful mama, Allison were a complete joy to photograph! Allison wanted to capture that mother daughter bond she has with her "baby" before baby number 2 comes along later this fall.  Well, my job was cake with these two.  Allison is one of the most beautiful pregnant women ever and not only is Zoey adorable (those deep blue eyes!) but


Photographing a new born, I mean days old newborn, is wonderful.  So new and tiny.  So sleepy. Think coma sleepy.  It's amazing to hold a life that new.  But as we all know, when they're that new they pretty much sleep and eat.  So, when I got a call from a past client to photograph her 3 month old son, I was thrilled!  Three months


I have to tell you, I am loving these Senior portrait shoots more and more. The kids are excited to be there, willing to do almost anything, and always come with a bunch of their own ideas for the shoot. Sarah, was no different. A bit quiet at first, but once we got to know each other we were laughing, talking about high school (I


Oh sweet Camden how you make me love what I do! From your sleepy smiles to you little coo's, I could have spent all day cuddling you. This sweet little guy may look small and oh so fragile, but don't let that fool you. Camden is a fighter. From day one he fought his way to make it into this world and more importantly into

Friends are relatives you make for yourself. ~Eustache Deschamps

Not too long ago, my son asked me why we call Uncle Derek and Auntie Lish, our Uncle and Aunt if they are not really related to us. My answer was simple. We call them family because they are family. Derek has been my husband’s friend since they were my son’s age. Even though life got in the way and sometimes they didn’t see one

Look out! Here comes the Spider Man, and his little sidekick…

As the mom of two boys I was in my element with these two little cuties.  Talks of super hero's, monsters, bad guys and everything boy!  Spider Man in particular was the hot topic of the day.  Cole can shoot webs like nobody's business.  I was "covered with 99 webs" by the end of our session! His enthusiasm for all things Spider Man was awesome. 

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