I spend so much time with my camera focused on other families, other children, other crooked smiles and other people’s family bonds.  Don’t get me wrong, I have several terabytes filled with shots of my family.  They’re just all taken with an iPhone.  So, every once in a while we need to be reminded that those closest to us need to have “the good camera” turned on them.

Now any photographer will tell you that taking photos of your own children is not easy.  My boys (my husband included) see my camera come out and it’s an instant invite for crazy faces and crossed eyes.  This time was no exception.  While I did manage to get our Christmas card shots done, I have about 300 shots of goofy faces.  While those shots won’t make the Christmas card or even our mantel, they will not be deleted.  That is who they are.  My three goofy, crazy, loveable boys.  Those silly faces are what life is like for the only girl in this house.  (They also serve as great blackmail as they get older!) They keep me laughing and always on my toes.  They are mine.  All three of them.  And I wouldn’t change one of their goofy faces for anything in this world.

Then, as if they all know just how far we can push her before she cracks, they smile.  The hysterical laughter and the fart noises stop and I get the sweet faces I know that are in there.  So I snap away, because like a rainbow after a spring rain, I know they won’t last.  The giggles and the crazy faces will return.  So I quickly capture the sweet faces of the boys who will always be my babies and the man who still to this day gives me butterflies.  These are the photos I catch my self stopping to look at over and over again.  These are the photos that hold my heart.





And like a rainbow, sometimes you do actually find that pot of gold at the end.