As the mom of two boys I was in my element with these two little cuties.  Talks of super hero’s, monsters, bad guys and everything boy!  Spider Man in particular was the hot topic of the day.  Cole can shoot webs like nobody’s business.  I was “covered with 99 webs” by the end of our session! His enthusiasm for all things Spider Man was awesome.  Watching his eyes light up as he pretended to be the masked hero was the best.  Then there is his trusty sidekick Chase.  One of the happiest babies in the world.  His sweet little crooked smile and a constant peek-a-boo from his tongue.  Put that all together and you will melt. Their mama is going to have a phone ringing off the hook by the time these two cuties are in high school! It’s obvious they are just going to get cuter and cuter.