Oh Molly how I love you!  But oh sweet Molly, how you made me work for this one!  I have been photographing Molly since she was just days old.  Sweet little Molly who always smiled when I took out my camera and oh yeah, sat still.  Then she turned two and went on the run.  Molly is moving and she is fast.  Getting her to stop for the camera was impossible. So, as a photographer, what do you do when your subject doesn’t stop? I mean at all! You get down on the ground, climb a fence, run and work your tail off to capture them being who they are.  What better place to see who Miss Molly is than on our farm.  We sang endless versus of “Old McDonald” and I snapped away.  We got some adorable shots and my sweet girl even made some new friends.  Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweetest little girl to grace our lives!



Molly 2 2